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Naked yale coeds

Ivy League students used to have to pose for nude photos

Getting naked, or just barely, in the name of charity or just plain fun is the latest trend on college campuses across America. Case in point: At the annual ASU run, female youngest beutiful pussy don some of their best lingerie coeds their male counterparts don their own tighty whiteys.

The effort aids a variety of charities. Similarly, the annual Nearly Naked Run at Boston University is so popular it had to change to a larger venue. The yale collects clothes for the homeless.


At Washington University in St. Louis, about 40 students took part in its inaugural Nearly Naked Run in December to raise money for an arts outreach program for underprivileged youth.

Students ran around the campus in naked underwear, sports bras and little else.

mature in bikini

Many other campuses across the nation offer similar excuses to strip down for charity. Across the pond, both the male and female rowing teams at the UK-based University of Warwick took nude photos of themselves in which they were cleverly positioned or used props to show nearly everything, naked just shy of the Full Monty, coeds there was plenty of buttocks to go around.

Naked Coeds: Students Stripping Grows More Popular | The College Fix

The pictures, published in December, were yale to fundraise for their athletic programs as well as raise money for charity.

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