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Oleg Smorodinov arrives at his trial for the murder of Ivan Mamchur, in naked lesbiennes video courtroom in Men, Ukraine, on October 25th. The target lived on the sixth floor of a cheerless, salmon-coloured building on Naked Street, across from a thicket of weeping willows.

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Oleg Smorodinov found him there, rented a small apartment on the ground floor, and waited. He had got the name from his two handlers in Moscow. Find them, they told Smorodinov, and he set off.

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He was already boasting to friends that he was a spy. Each person on the list was ukraine a code name related to flowers.

Ukrainian Riot Police Caught on Video Making Naked Man Stand in Snow, Taking Pictures

To Smorodinov, he was a nobody, an electrician who worked at the local jail. To the handlers in Moscow, though, he was significant. The surveillance was uneventful.