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Naked swimming men

Peaceful, Art Deco pool to swim naked... - Yrjonkadun Swimming Hall

The origins of nude swimming can be found well before the guideline was published. When the first indoor pool opened at the Brooklyn YMCA inthe organization required swimming and boys to swim naked. Other reasons given by administrators during the era included concerns about the expense of bathing suits, newspaper articles of swimming time submissive water sex. Many places adopted the practice before the decree.

The same publication in featured a photograph of nude boys swimming at a pond at the Springfield, Mass.


Images of naked adolescent boys swimming appeared in national publications, including Life Magazine. Boys who refused to swim naked were ostracized by naked boys and sometimes coaches or instructors, naked and videos show. Syndicated columnist Ann Landers chided a boy who wrote to ask her advice about his reluctance to swim naked in men of his peers. The practice became a kind of rite-of-passage for young men, Richard Senelick wrote in The Atlantic in But eventually attitudes began to change.

The article in the Appleton Post noted more than people signed a petition demanding the school board change its nude swimming mandate.

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