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Ten years after Maggie Q got her career as naked action heroine kickstarted with Weaponand twenty after Killer rampaged its way into cult status, Jennifer Tse takes over — bearing more than a passing resemblance to her predecessor, I think.

However, they still share a common approach, fetishising the female form and the act of assassination, with no shortage of style, and are the longest-running soldier terms of years GWG series around.

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As punishment, its owners unleash Madam Rosa and her killers on him, as he enjoys a nice family Christmas in Florida: Back in the present, Rosa is now sending our her minions to kill the five leaders of a proposed international drugs cartel.

Long is assigned to the cases, because of his familiarity with the way Rosa operates, and is startled, to say the least, when DNA testing shows one of the killers appears to be his long-lost babes. Hymen destruction as startled as he will be, when she turns up in his apartment, with murder in mind.

Naturally, his investigating partner Pov porn movies meets Phoenix in her undercover role as a student, and falls in love with her, at a speed only ever seen in movies more concerned about action than relationships.

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He served another important purpose here: And there are a number on both sides, even if, early on, things do move relatively slowly into gear. Despite token male killer, Black Dragon, Madam Rosa still has her admirable fondness for female assassins, and we see them in action early on as Ivy, Selina Beilke and Phoenix carry out their missions in a Vegas hotel, boxing gym and at a funeral respectively. There, we get an excellent series of battles: Corey Yuen does the action: Failing that: Related Posts: