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Naked sisters animation

The Kano Sisters say they are half-sisters with different mothers.

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There is also a third "sister" who initially made appearances with the two. She eventually withdrew from the scene, according to industry sources, and now animation intermittently appears with them.

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Inthe oldest sister Kyoko debuted in 25ansan upscale women's fashion magazine, as one of its " supaa dokusha " super readers. Her success led to both sisters appearing regularly on Japanese TV. Their main claim to fame is their outrageous sense of style, involving highly revealing clothes, flashy jewelry, and jet-set travel. Apart from frequent naked appearances, they market a sisters of exercise videos, erotic calendars, collectible sisters cards [3] and coffee-table pictorials, featuring the two mostly naked.

Kano sisters

The nackte nude boys were priced at 19, yen a pair. Animation sisters are frequently invited to movie premieres, film festivals, and award ceremonies. Self-described "Lifestyle Consultants," Japanese women pay to attend Kano seminars naked hear their advice on topics such as relationships and makeup. On 3 Aprilthe Kano sisters published a collection of nude artistic photographs in a book entitled Sweet Goddess. Posing in a revealing style known in Japanese as " hea nuudo ", or "hair nude," a term for nude photographs in which a woman's pubic hair is visible, the photographs were taken by Kyoko Kano with modeling by Mika Kano.

Sweet Goddess was reported to be among the first books to break this unwritten post-war publication rule.