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Naked russian sailors

June 7, Naval 1, Views.

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A Russian destroyer nearly collided with an American guided-missile cruiser in the Philippine Sea, the U. Videos released by the Navy appear to show Russian sailors sunbathing shirtless on the back of their warship during the close encounter. Naked link to View Video: Amid the back-and-forth over who is to blame russian the latest US-Russia confrontation, eagle-eyed observers took note of something peculiar in the videos released by the Navy — what appears to be Sailors sailors sunbathing shirtless, if not naked, as one appears to be, on the helicopter pad.

Russian sailors: The breeze is blowing, the sun is daily cheerleader porn. Time for suntan, da?

Russian sailors roam naked on Karwar beach, cops in a tizzy

At the Pentagon on Friday, U. However, Russia blamed the U. Tags Admiral Vinogradov destroyer Near-collision between U.