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Naked pyramid

Dane Andreas Hvid posted the x-rated image on his own website and in a video he later unveiled on YouTube. The footage - which naked since been deleted - shows the lensman and the unnamed woman reaching the ft top and looking out over the view of Ashlie brown naked below.

Egypt probes images of naked couple atop Great Pyramid of Giza

An explicit still picture which is inserted into the video then shows Hvid on top of the woman who is lying on the summit of the 4,year-old pyramid. The Egypt Today website says he wrote in nude gabrial union description for the video: State news agency Ahram Online has since revealed the minister of antiquities Khaled el Anany had referred the case to the prosecutor general for investigation.

He said the action was a violation of public morality and the incident and video would be investigated at the highest level. Just climbing the pyramids beyond a certain level is forbidden and the whole site is out of bounds after 5pm, after which it is patrolled by cops.

The site's archaeological director, Ashraf Mohi, had previously said he believed the video was fake because of an unexplained "illumination" near the horizon. The pictures and video are said pyramid have naked shared hundreds of times on social media, naked an angry reaction from many of those who commented. One of the latest posters, Martin Eiler, who commented on Facebook after the image had been pyramid from that site, said: It's not legal, but what's worse pyramid that it's not okay at all One said: Total disrespect for local culture.

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