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Naked polar bears

If Polar Holmes had been here these past few weeks, naked would surely have proclaimed to his sidekick Watson, "You know trusty sidekick, I do think we are on to something! For that matter, I am not quite a Holmes.

Video: Brave volunteers bare all in naked run for Polar Bears

I am a student here at the good ole U of C, but I say to you anyway, "We are on to something. Ah, the joys of being an undergrad here. For some its drugs, for a very rare few it's sex, for most it's bears they do one or the other. But, as naked entire student body, we do have something that we can all proudly call our own.

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We have polar Polar Bear Run. This event is truly in the realm of the extraordinary.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park bares all for plight of Polar Bears | News | Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The idea of running naked outside in the snow, wind, and ice should not sexsigirls appealing to anyone, but it is. Everyone likes it whether they will admit it or not. There is something about this naked run that strikes us deep down in our cores.

The feeling we get is almost inexplicable, but it trumps the harsh obstacles that would normally prevent us from indulging in our pleasure.

"The Naked Brothers Band" Polar Bears: Part One (TV Episode ) - IMDb

To express bears feelings would be impossible, so I can only give a rough estimation of them. First there is the "Hey, that's cool," reaction when the event is first explained. Then there is nervousness and anticipation as the day draws close.