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Naked pageant models

Trump bragged that he walked in on naked beauty pageant contestants

Women have shared stories of being harassed by Trump in pageant very ways he has publicly boasted about. On an appearance on The Howard Stern Show inpublished on Sunday by ModelsTrump described going backstage at the beauty pageants while the contestants were undressed.

Another former contestant has told the same story.

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Some girls were topless, other girls were naked. None of the women who talked to BuzzFeed News said Trump touched them or said anything explicit.

Yet beauty pageant contestants had already talked publicly about being kissed unwillingly fucking pocket pussy Trump.

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Temple Taggart, a Miss USA contestant, told the New York Times earlier this year that he introduced himself to her by kissing her directly on the lips. Trump has also been accused of sexual assaulting women he worked with. Jill Harth, who worked with him on beauty pageants, filed panini nude lawsuit alleging that he put his hands on her thighs and genitals under a table during a business meeting. Then after a meeting a year later concluded at Mar-a-Lago, naked said he forced her into a bedroom and assaulted her, touching her genitals and attempting to rape her.