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Guy in Charleston say a naked man exposed himself to his neighbor, then later attacked officers with nunchucks. Police say year-old Rudolph Claude Smith went next door to his neighbor's house to borrow some oil for a workout.

Arm-wrestling contest obviously leads to naked oily massage

While he was in the neighbor's home, police say Oily took off his clothes and asked the neighbor to "oil him up. They also say the oil made it hard for them to get a good grip on him. He's now in jail awaiting a bond hearing. Yeah, you know, when I want to put on the foil and go to the neigbors to get Reynolds Wrapthe evening almost never ends in an arrest.

Wow, the oily shirtless Tongan Olympian really came out oily and shirtless again

Doesn't mention the neighbor's sex. But he did manage to get enough oil on his body to become a slippery character.

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Did the neighbor help until the clothes came off or until the guy asked for an "oilewinsky. Theknow Kennedys - Naked drive, can't fly, nude sex chicks ski, can't skipper a boat - But they know what's best.