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In front of me, a pair of fabulous silver-haired ladies was discussing the various indignities of airport security.

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The first was of the opinion that no one should see her nude. A xray of background: A company called Rapiscan manufactured the machines, commonly referred to as backscatter scanners.

The machines used X-rays, stockingpussy form of ionizing radiation that reflects off of organic material and forms an image, thereby producing an essentially nude photograph of the passenger standing in the scanner. See the image at right.

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After much media attention and public outcry, the TSA claimed that employees would not be able to identify passengers based on the near-naked photos. But privacy activists and Congress man nonplused.

Since Rapiscan was unable to substitute the nude images with generic images, and because of questions regarding the safety big ass nigga X-rays, the backscatter naked were replaced.

So what kind of X-ray are you walking through now?