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Sex, Stonings, and Back Street Abortions: The Truth Behind the Maldives 'Tropical Paradise' Image

JJ Robinson was the editor of the Maldives' first independent English language news service. The following is adapted from his book,' Maldives: Islamic Republic, Maldivians Autocracy ,' a first-hand investigation of the seamy, dangerous, and vanda naked politics that underpin the globally renowned tourist destination. Girls places in the world see celebrity soccer players, Russian oligarchs, arms dealers, Madonna, and the Taliban occupying the same stretch of sand, let alone infinity plunge pool.

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But the Maldives is where the rich, famous, and notorious go for their private romantic getaways, girls the isolation, unique geography, and no-questions-asked visa policy of the Indian ocean archipelago offers naked freedom from prying eyes. Predictably, the Maldivian regime's declaration last week of a state of emergency which has since been lifted triggered another wave of "Trouble in Paradise" headlines.

But this is a misnomer: Few tourists looked up from their daiquiris naked a week of presidential assassination plots, exploding yachts, bomb threats, internecine political battles, pro-democracy protests, and illicit extraditions, just as few did during the coup that toppled the country's first democratically-elected leader. The resorts might pics pussy well be in a different country. The Maldives as experienced by most Maldivians is quite the opposite of paradise—but "Trouble in Trouble" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

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Alcohol is banned, entertainment options are limited. Sixty percent of the population is under the age of 25, preyed upon by violent gangs and Islamic radicals, and crippled by drug abuse and boredom. The constitution nonetheless mandates that percent of the population be Muslim, a facet of life strictly enforced both by the authorities and the threat of extreme maldivians ostracism.