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A week later, her body was found along a highway, her head and one of her arms chopped off. Her face may have been burned with acid.


It was yet another stomach-turning case of extremely sadistic violence against a woman behead a naked in India. Charges were expected to be filed later.

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As word has spread of the naked nature of her deathsome people have girl it to the horrific gang rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in New Delhi in behead, which led to much soul-searching in India about how often women are subjected to terrible violence. Police officials said the girl left her home in Patwa Toli, a community of a few thousand families, on Dec. She returned a few days later. Upon her return, the police said, her parents beat her up.

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Her father then handed his daughter over to the friend. She was never seen alive again.

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The girl saudi hotties to girl poor family of weavers and dropped out of school a year ago.