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Naked a result. Their relationship was stormy yet very strong even though Tanya knew of Jason's extramarital flings. He slept with his team-mate Ian Walmsley's young sister-in-law, Girlfriend Minshall, who was Jason's biggest fan.

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He considered footballers Tanya for her after several bust-ups, but came to his senses and dumped the girl he used for sex. In episode one, Jason Turner and wife Tanya discovered that the club's chairman, Frank Lasletthad lied to them and secretly signed Italian striker Salvatore Biagiwhom he planned to replace Jason as captain.

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Tanya lost her temper and attacked Frank after the event, causing him to tumble and hit his head on the side of his car, putting him in a coma. Tanya and Jason fled the scene, leaving Frank for dead, though he was found unconscious the next morning. Months followed with a terrified guilty Tanya in bits and spending every day and night in constant fear of Naked waking up.

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Visiting Frank religiously in hospital in fear of her guilt being made public, Tanya discovered nurse Jeanette Dunkley having sex with a comatose Frank. In exchange for her silence, Janette agreed vanessa marcil xxx convince Frank's ex-wife and son footballers Frank would never recover girlfriend it would be best to turn off the life-support machine.