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Getting Naked In Front Of Your Lover For The First Time? 7 Fears All Of Us Have!

Everyone says that the first time for girls is always special and that it is something that all girls fantasize about. Few of us girls actually fear to naked naked in front of someone else. Not only girls but even guys have insecurities getting stark naked in front of girls for the first time. Some of these insecurities have first do with performance while most of them relate to their bodies. Getting stark naked means no high-waist pants to hide your bulging stomach, no push-up bras to make your breast look perfect and no jeans to hide your penis, nada!

It is about going in your birthday suit sex it definitely terrifies some people, because you see not everyone is confident with their body.

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It is totally normal for you to feel nervous because nothing and I mean it; nothing can prepare you enough for this. Lad sleeping naked can find yourself constantly worrying about what your partner will think.

There so much to think about. You also have to worry about your pubic hair.

21 people share their reactions to seeing a S.O. naked for the first time. 'That's a penis!'

Do you also have the same fears? Let us know what fears you have regards to this. Check out the few common fears all of us have before getting naked in front of our partners.