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Naked female sith

She removes her outfit and weapon, to feel a direct connection to the Force.

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Unfortunately for the bold soldiers, even a Naked Sith has the power of the Dark Side at her command, and Kali simply laughs at their threats. She quickly dispatches the male soldier, using a powerful Force Push to send him crashing into a nearby cliff, where the native Korriban creatures make quick work of him. Then, using Force Choke, she forces the young girl to drop her vibrosword, and then subdues her.

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She will face a much more terrible fate than her partner did, as Kali keeps her alive and unleashes Dark Side energies against her over the coming months, to break not only her body but her spirit, turning the Republic soldier into a willing servant of the Dark Side.

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Godovwar1 Featured By Owner Jul 27, Naked should have just shot her dead whil female was exposed or stun bolted her. Better the first option Surely you two had been at least breifed on what a sith can do?! Very nice work sith composition!