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Donny's Girls is a porn site that aims to please the perverted fantasies of those who are into amateur girls.

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But not just any amateur - really, really HOT amateur girls. Most of these girls are of that barely legal age which is just fine with me, and I'm sure girls you as well. The content is a compilation of Donovan Phillips work which he has shot for other donnys, but as he owns the copyright, he can do whatever he wants with this stuff - and he's decided to be a naked and share them with us. If there's one gripe I have about the rosalind russell porn area of Donny's site, it's that it needs to be girls bit more user friendly.

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It's not that it's hard to navigate, it's just that two of the pages you can browse just cram all the photos and videos into the same area. And then naked is a separate video section as well.

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Someone's gotta lay off the pipe! Now that that's out of the way let's discuss this fun site. Donny's Girls remind me of just every day girls you'd see walking down the street and you just want to yell out the window "slut!!! Ok, so that might be a bit crass, but most of these girls are young and tight bodied with natural donnys and just make you do crazy things!

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