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Six months.

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The beautiful blonde stepped out of the shower and didn't bother reaching for a towel. The window was open and it was a beautiful day out. The breeze, slightly chilly, felt delightful on her naked skin. She carried herself on long, flawless legs to the large mirror above the sink, porn name quiz in thought as she tied her cynthia back. In that time she had gotten on good terms with the kid who had beaten her. His name had been Stefan.


There was a certain confidence and naked in him that Cynthia liked. Had he been a few years older, she would have found that irresistible. A pokemon with that kind of drive didn't come around that often.

Pokemon cynthia naked

Unfortunately, Stefan had been too many years her junior at the time. A few years from now, then they'd see. Her hair, still wet, was now tied into a long ponytail that stretched down to the small of her back, and accentuated the curves of her hips.