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If episodes of Girls hinged on Hannah's self-involvement, this episode never would have seen the light of day. She might be known for behaving like the world revolves around her, but, ironically, on her birthday, Hannah Horvath proved to be incredibly thoughtful.

The night was, predictably, full bitch what-the-fuck moments aplenty.

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What was less predictable was how few came bday of Hannah herself. Here are some highlights, ranked from the least cringe-worthy, to the most. Before the skinny cum kiss actually begins, we meet Adam's sister, Caroline played by Gaby Hoffmann. Adam is not happy to see bday and when she insinuates that she plans to stay with him, he naked forbids it, in spite of Hannah's polite offer of their guest room.

'Girls' Recap: Hannah's the Birthday Bitch (But Actually Not a Bitch At All)

Hannah, for her part, is extremely mature and supportive and respects Adam's wishes about the apartment. She does, however, extend Caroline a pity invite to her birthday bash instead. Ray runs into Shosh at the party and tries to do the mature, adult, we're-still-friends catch-up chit-chat.

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When she responds with almost nothing but blank stares, it's heart-wrenching bitch Ray admits that he doesn't want to be her friend. She doesn't seemed phased by it, which freeteenporncumshots all the sadder.

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Shoshanna is embracing her singlehood, which is fab. She's changed a lot from the virgin we met in Season 1, however. Now, she has naked moxie to flag down hotties on the street and ask where she can find some "dank weed" before inviting them to a friend's party.