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Naked barbarians

They are beautiful renditions of brawny barbarians with only a loin cloth and boots, facing a demonic creature with sword in hand, while an almost nude woman cowers behind them.

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Almost all naked the books involving Conan of Cimmeria have naked pussy synonym this on the cover. Not all.

Some actually show him wearing chain mail, a helm on his head, and a shield on his arm.

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The way he is described in most of the stories. I barbarians read a collection of Conan stories as written by Robert Jordan in which he is always described barbarians wearing a chain hauberk.

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But the cover picture shows him in loin cloth and fur cloak, with nary a bit of armor to protect his hide. I guess because barbarians are supposed to be masses of muscle the illustrations are supposed to focus on their marvelous physiognomy, and not so much on their martial equipment. But what about the real barbarians that these fictional characters emulate? Most barbarians did wear some kind of armor, if only a helm and shield.

Vikings wore scale mail tiny cute fuck covered most of their bodies, if available. Mongols wore boiled leather, chain, or lamellar armors depending on their role within the army.

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Gauls, Germans, Goths, Vandals, whatever, almost all at least had a shield to hide behind and a helmet to protect their brain boxes. Of all the barbarians I read about, only the Celts would go into battle without some kind of protection.

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In fact they would often go into battle naked with the exception of the blue paint they coated their bodies with, a sign of their courage.