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Like, what else precisely were you looking to have it do?

14 Women Reveal The Most Fucked Up Comments Men Have Made About Their Vagina

My boyfriend gave me a…. Yes, one. He later told me my labia weirded him out.

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He told me my vagina was the ugliest he had ever seen. I being a 16 year old girl at the time just cried my eyes out and kept that comment with me until I met fucked wonderful husband. Yes, he told me my genitals were weird, too big and too dark.

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I was 16 and met him online in a chat room where I used to spend a LOT of time. It was the late 90s, the Internet vagina new-ish. He was super embarrassed and I told him it was no big deal etc. We watched naked cum vagina instead and I thought we had a good time.