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The people gawking at the model include a family in matching pastel-blue sweaters, amateurs female jet-lagged Italian tween, and a bevy of thin blondes swaddled in Mansur Gavriel accessories.

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And also me. Aden is wearing a version of what she wears every day: Even the braces gleaming on her teeth look glamorous. The answer to why people are staring is probably c all of the above. But Aden is not thinking about this.

Muslim Model Halima Aden on Defying Beauty Standards

The French toast is deemed OK; she takes hers with a heavy pour of maple syrup and a thick frosting muslim butter. The sweetness and the braces and the fact that she chugged a hot chocolate as an aperitif before breakfast make Aden seem even younger than her very young 19 years. If she were about two feet shorter, she could pass for naked tween.

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Not in front of the camera, though.