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Shoulder Injury Forces Seles to Quit During Match - Los Angeles Times

Thanks to the digital age, fans have unprecedented access to players. I loved the sport growing up in the s and early s but rarely knew where my favorite players were in the world on any given day let alone whether they were nepali nudegirl to decide whether to eat at Chipotle or Cheesecake Factory in [insert any American city]. If Vesles wanted to send notes of appreciation or condemnation to someone I had to, you know, actually have vesles envelope and a stamp.

Now, all I need is an Internet connection. As I write this I can tell you that based on social media I know that Croatian phenom Donna Vekic, 16, is sitting in the Bernabeu watching Real Madrid, Jurgen Melzer is being berated with some hateful messages on Twitter after losing to Gael Monfils in Munich and Andrea Petkovic is scheduled for a 7 naked.

#TheFappening: Monica Seles Nude

Daily Bagel: Roundup of Seles anniversary coverage. This access has been a naked benefit to those with an insatiable appetite for even the tiniest minutiae monika insight into players' lives. As a daily tennis beat writer, the digital age has been an absolute godsend when it comes to keeping tabs on such an international sport. Yet despite monika positives I can never shake my initial shudder when I see tweets and Facebook posts that provide so much detailed information as monika leave a player vulnerable.

Monica Seles' stabbing reminds us how close fans can get to players

You can trace my paranoia back 20 years ago Tuesday when my innocence as it came to the social contract between fan and player -- you play, we vesles, we clap, we both go our separate ways -- was shattered. There were no illegal streams of tennis matches on other continents in There was no YouTube to immediately post viral video of the event and the hour naked cycle hadn't morphed into the sensationalism-fed beast that it is today.

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