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Being nude is easy, says the year-old who can slip off his clothes in 20 seconds.

6 Essential Things to Know About Modeling Nude For Art Classes

The hard part is staying still. As often as he free sexy muvies he poses for figure drawers, photographers and sculptors. It followed a transitional period in his life when, after retiring from the military, he and wife Louise moved to the Peace River area where they run an organic fruit and vegetable farm.

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Essentially, I was connecting with new parts of myself … and part of that process, I guess, also included issues of image, sexuality and identity. The couple soon found themselves nude going unclothed outdoors as well as indoors. A poster about an art club looking for nude models prompted him to modelling the Internet where modelling found Harcourt House harcourthouse.

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He nude one three-hour training session before his first modelling job. I had to update my mental image of what I looked like.

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During a recent uninstructed, three-hour, drop-in drawing class, Brister was required to hold various poses he thought up himself lasting from one or two minutes to 20 minutes.