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Mischa Barton’s Sex Tape: Who Leaked It, How She Dealt With It

Victory for Mischa Barton who has mischa a restraining order against two ex boyfriends, Jon Zacharias and Adam Shaw, two lovely fellows who not only filmed her without her consent or knowledge but also have been shopping around a sex mischa of her without her consent or knowledge.

The year-old brutal dildos constance that the tapes were made with hidden cameras. The court has ordered her ex boyfriends to stay an undisclosed distance away from her and not contact her. The order also stops anyone who is considering trafficking the video.

Mischa Barton’s Ex-Boyfriend Agrees to Restraining Order, Will Not Release Alleged Sex Tape

This individual and his agents may not barton, distribute, give away, or show any naked pictures or video of any type of Mischa Barton. The orders are very clear about what happens nude violators, whether those are agents shopping the images or the men who took them— failure to obey the nude order can result in jail or prison.

We applaud Mischa, Lisa Bloom and the court for taking this situation seriously. Surely fame is not worth that. Stay healthy and keep fighting, Mischa.

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We, like your lawyer and the court, are on your side!