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August 18, 6: Lewis was fired for blowing the whistle. That's despite the fact, she said, that her supervisors at Three Rivers Mental Health Solutions warned she'd lose her job if she made the report about one of the counseling center's clients.

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As has become painfully clear with the revelations about an apparent cover-up of child sex abuse allegations against former Penn State defensive teeny nude girls Jerry Sandusky, Lewis was wrong in assuming her sense of duty was universal. Penn State wasn't on the national radar when Lewis called Missoula police on Oct.

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But the paperwork outlining the child pornography accusations against Gribble was filed Nov. Lewis said she hasn't been paying much attention as Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and president Glenn Schultz resigned, and then famed coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier were fired.

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On Friday, Penn State placed assistant coach Mike McQueary - who told Paterno but not police that he saw Sandusky raping a young boy - on lewis leave. Nude, meanwhile, has been busy looking for work to replace the only job she'd held since xxxcloseup from the University of Montana.

Michelle was a member of Three Rivers' rehabilitation and support staff, helping clients with tasks such as shopping and going to doctors' appointments. Sometimes, she said, she went to their homes for "socialization" - basically, keeping them company.