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Log In Sign Up. Ur A Cunt Memes. Dank, Cunt, and Fuck: Cunts, Cunt, and Fuck: Memes, True, and Awkward: Best Friend, Butt, and Dude: Like Reply 28 1 hr This hd porn download the most disgusting thing ive seen, ur a cunt dude someone has lost a daughter, sister, best friend and you writing this is fucking insensitive and horrible.

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Delete this or i'll fucking come round to your house and beat the shit out of you Like Reply 25 1hr Like Reply 6 49 mins Kayla was one of my closest friends and reading this has made me furious, words mexican even explain how much i want to punch you in the face right now, how the gif would you feel if someone in your family killed themselves and some sad freak wrote this on social media about them?

Fucking, Memes, and Cunt: Dank, Fucking, and Cunt: The 13 funniest military memes for the week of March 1st.

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