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Cuban-born Anthony Timiraos had a varied and productive professional life for years. He was so successful that he was pulled back into business after attempting to retire three nude. Maybe now that he is devoting his life to his postponed passion for bodys figurative photography, retirement will stick. At every opportunity during our trips we visited art museums and were always aware of the beauty and form of classical nude art. The body has unlimited artistry, elegance, and grace, and artists through the ages have portrayed the human mens by exposing the body as they see it.

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Anthony somehow burnishes his images in the lens and post-production. And while he produces work that definitely has a signature style, each man remains his individuality with his own specific characteristics.

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Timiraos currently resides in South Florida with his husband, who has been by his side for the past 47 years. Find out more about him and his work at his websiteInstagramFacebookand Vimeo.

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A Collections of Classical Nude Photographs here. Because his first book was so popular, Anthony also offers Expose More: All Rights Reserved. When Anthony Timiraos retired, he finally had the time he wanted to devote to his longtime passion of capturing the classic male nude in photography.

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