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For those of us mennudeugly have mennudeugly way too much time watching Friendssome things will always be a mystery. Was Gunther O.


Did Janice really stay away from Monica and Chandler for the rest of their lives? And, most important, who actually played Ugly Naked Guy? Well, thanks to one obsessive writer, we can mennudeugly least scratch that last one off teen xnxx hd list.

Ugly Naked Guy figured into many episodes, but was only seen on-screen in two episodes—one in which the Friends prodded him with a hislust nudist poking device, and another in which Ross stripped down and ate muffins with him in a bid to get his apartment.

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But we never saw his face. Multiple sources claim that Michael Hagerty —who played building superintendent Mr. Treeger—also played Ugly Naked Guy on Friends. But, alas, that turned out not to be the case: He called the casting director for both episodes starring Ugly Naked Guy, only to find that she had no answers for him.

He called Central Casting, an agency that booked extras for the show. Still no dice.