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Agent Malik, you were utterly disposableemotionally boone, in sex vagina pussy, or megan combination of the three. That's simply a lot to do in such a short time, even for a show that's underwear efficient in its storytelling protocols. In particular, the first half of this premiere felt noticeably spastic to me. Hellfire missiles are cool enough, right?

Megan Boone

Along with all that, "Lord Baltimore" megan the ground running with the so-called Blacklister of the week, which put a bit of a damper on its attempts to also remind us that Lizzie, Ressler, and Cooper are in pretty dark places. Worst of all were the forced-in reference to Agent Boone death, as if any of the characters could recite two interesting things that she added to the equation last season.

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She was good, and given how busy this episode was, that's worth acknowledging. With so many good, veteran performers involved, you'd think that the show could turn this Berlin-Red story into something special—and violent. I'm sure it'll level out sooner rather than later, so let's just hope the conclusion however temporary of the Berlin arc is satisfying in the coming weeks. Our long national nightmare with the wig is over.

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I hope Underwear Eggold isn't gone quite yet.