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Medical man suffering from a mental health crisis caused chaos in Delta arab petit nudepics, climbing naked onto cars on a busy street. Sarah Male explains how the situation was resolved peacefully.

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A bizarre incident in the streets of North Delta ended peacefully after naked officers arrested a naked man experiencing a mental health crisis Tuesday evening. Video sent into Global News showed the man with his arms outstretched in the street, spinning in circles.

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Video shows naked man wandering naked in Delta street before climbing onto car. The man then stops a silver sedan and climbs on top of it as the people inside yell at him to get down.

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The man then slides off the car and climbs inside, while the occupants — including two young children — escape. A bystander then pulls the man out of the car and throws him down to the ground.

The man stays curled in the fetal position while the bystander yells at him to stay down. A short time later, officers arrive on the scene and can be seen negotiating with the man until he sits on the centre median of Scott Road.