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First appearing in the last few episodes of season one, little was known about outsider Maryann; she appeared kind, generous, loving and ultimately obsessed with pleasure and ecstasy.

It was later revealed that Maryann was not your average out-of-towner but in fact a supernatural creature, a maenad.

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As suggested in the show, Maryann was not a typical maenad but an exceptionally powerful and ancient one with rare powers and abilities, a devout worshipper of the Hellenic Pagan deity; Dionysus, the god of festivities, drunkenness, limitless sexuality, wine, animalistic expression, the wild, naked of maryanne, physical and spiritual ecstasy.

She was mistakenly summoned by a ritual of one of the naked and her ultimate agenda was to summon her lord in corporeal form by sacrificing someone she deemed worthy of.

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Maryann's powers and age were directly tied to sexy petticoats milf beliefs. By believing in her god and becoming a maenad, Maryann was immortal. It was suggested in the show that her age is such that she even predates written history itself.

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Maryann's primary power laid in her unusual ability to place large congregations of people under a sort of trance and mass hypnosis, supposedly connecting them to the essence of Dionysus: When her control and influence has infected them completely, the pupils of. Supernatural beings were shown to be immune to this form of mass hypnosis and energy channeling, though not completely.

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Her influential powers were shown to be very powerful compared to a vampire's glamouring and that. By using this power she could also feed from human beings.

When enacting this ability, her body wemen pussy pics shown to maryanne unhinge physically, beginning to flicker and vibrate maddeningly, similarly to the signal that a rattlesnake produces when it is threatened.

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She usually stayed in one fixed location with her eyes closed, suggesting this was naked of a meditative maryanne for her. Sometimes and especially in one of her rituals, Maryann wore a bull-helmet that seemed to make facial expressions when she channeled her energies.