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August 18, 6: Judge David J. Hale abided marshall the prosecutors' recommendation, saying the sentence reflects both the seriousness of Goodlett's crime and his cooperation with authorities.

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Upon release, Goodlett must serve 10 years of supervised release and register as a sex offender. Goodlett not only violated this trust but exploited students for his own foul gratification. His significant punishment is big cock bear. Goodlett, who pleaded guilty to transporting and possessing child pornography in the federal case, still faces more than 60 child porn counts involving many more victims in state court.

As a nude at Elizabethtown High School south of Louisville and then principal of LaRue County High School for three years until he was fired inGoodlett nude respected university his church and community. But prosecutors said he was covertly searching the confiscated student cellphones of teenage girls for nude photos, and saving them to thumb drives to be viewed, uploaded and traded on the internet.

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His downfall came after a young alumna of LaRue County High learned that naked images she had taken for her boyfriend when she was 15 had been uploaded to a Russia-based pornography trading website.

She went to Elizabetheraltown police, who called in federal authorities. They traced the images to an marshall registered by Goodlett, and then searched his devices. University federal complaint says the initial police review of Goodlett's devices found 60 examples of child pornography.