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I found out in a coffee shop with my mum and we both felt like jumping up mariage down and cheering! I want to celebrate!!!!

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A true right leaning, old school republican would be totally for gay marriage. Classic American style republicanism was always about, among other things, keeping the government from interfering with the private lives of its citizens. Unfortunately, the republican party has moved away from this stance and thanks to the social conservatives that dominate the party they are now interfering more than ever with people private lives. Mariage am a Canadian, and as I look sex of the border it sickens me to see a bunch of yahoos trying to tell people who the hell sex can marry.

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Equal rights are equal rights, not more equal for some than others. And for the record, in Canada the Civil Marriage Act make Same sex marriage totally legal across the country.

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My single mother obviously was unable to raise me properly. It also angers me how they take their right to freedom of choice ie. I hope we can be next in this evolution, but right seniorcitzensex Australia just seems to be going down hill….

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