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Malesex Downey Jr. Sign in. R 86 min Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi.

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A race of topless, large-breasted women from the planet Angvia, in another dimension, come to earth to kidnap women to repopulate their planet. Michael Cort Stars: R 85 min Comedy.

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In the town of Amity, the cops take crime off of the streets and put it into movies police station where it belongs. Corey Feldman Stars: R 93 min Drama.

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On an 18th century Caribbean island run by debauched colonial plantation owners, an enslaved Scotsman joins a slave revolt. Not Rated 72 min Horror.

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A soldier stranded on a desert island is captured by a tribe of sadistic women who torture and mutilate the men who oppose them. Richard S. Flink Stars: Two rival friends guide a young man through the Colombian jungle, hunting for, and finding a tribe of not so wild Amazons and a cache of not so bright naked busty oiled.