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A year-old karate instructor pleaded not guilty Male to multiple charges related to allegations that she sent nude photographs to an year-old student and solicited him for sex, according to Orange County Nude Court records. Police arrested Stephannie Lianne Figueroa on Friday, two days after a mother called police to report she had found inappropriate messages from the karate instructor on her son's cell phone. The boy told police Figueroa sent him about 15 nude photographs and two videos in recent months.

The boy's mother called police on June 15 after finding messages from the instructor on her son's cell phone.

Police: Karate instructor sent nudes, lewd messages to 11-year-old boy

In one, she wrote that she "could not wait for another sleepover at the karate school, so she could have sex with him," according to an Orlando nude report. The boy told police that Figueroa had been flirting with him and sending him nude photos. Nude detailed multiple attempts made by his karate instructor to make their relationship physical, including one from February.

Karate with the year-old, Figueroa allegedly slid her hand on the boy's thigh. The boy told authorities he told the instructor to stop, and she did.

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Figueroa karate the boy last communicated through Kik on June She invited male boy to her 21st birthday party and added that her home would be empty. The year-old told police he had deleted the inappropriate photos and videos sent to him karate Figueroa because he was afraid his mother would discover them.

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Figueroa sent the boy more, however, on June 16 after Toler posed as the year-old on Kik and mentioned that the images had been deleted. She was interviewed on June 17 and admitted that she had sent images and at least one video to the boy, according to police. A man who identified himself as the owner of nude african cuties Next Gen Martial Arts told WFTV he hired an attorney because footage from male surveillance cameras didn't show that anything happened between the instructor and the boy.