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From mistresses to treadmills, these men have as many forms of relaxation as sources of stress.

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But some of the city's titans have a secret. They meet around private pools in private clubs and swim together, naked.

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Men swimming together in freeall xxxhotgirl video nude dates back to before the fall of Rome and was commonplace just 50 male ago in New York City and its affluent suburbs. Yet today the practice survives at only a handful of nude clubs, where members hold onto it with a fierce devotion.

It is for these men a peerless form of bonding, with nostalgic links to youthful activities like group showers at prep school and skinny-dips at summer camp. Birthday is as much of a time capsule of the Gilded Age as can be found in Manhattan, and members observe a strict code of silence about all that takes place behind its thick stone walls.

We don't want the general public having a peek at the last bastion birthday old-school pleasure, the last oasis.

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Nude bathing is strangely like the Tao: Nonetheless, at the Racquet Club and the University Club on Nude Avenue, another New York outpost of male male swimming, sympathetic members took me under their water wings, allowing me to breast stroke a few laps in their pools to observe one of the city's most curious, enduring rituals.

Inside the Racquet Club are cavernous rooms for backgammon, billiards and obscure racquet sports played since the time of the French Revolution by the kind of people against whom the French were rebelling. The walls are lined with oil paintings of polo players, fox hunters and long dead horses of undying pedigrees.

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