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Prokofiev, Artem M. Material examined.

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A total of 29 specimens: Counts and measurements are given in Table 1. The free margin of the preopercle was reported as smooth for this species Weber ; Prokofiev a.

Neobathyclupea malayana ( Weber, 1913 )

Malay, re-examination of one of the largest available specimen mm Vityaz-II sta. In all other fishes, including another mm specimen Vityaz-II sta. Under naked, numerous minute grayish-brown melanophores more or less densely cover fin rays, somewhat more densely on the pectoral fin than in other fins, but are hardly visible to the naked eye.

Without magnification all fins appear to be uniformly pale Fig. In the other characters, the specimens we examined correspond well with published diagnoses Weber ; Prokofiev a and show no significant differences from Ana.