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Um - thanks for reading? Two things sexwomenboby response: My library does quite a bit to help disadvantaged people, POC, etc. In my post, I fuck just trying to draw attention to something I have been seeing lately on Facebook that could send libraries to court. Since public libraries are for the most part local government entities, they legally can't refuse a group the use of a meeting room based on the content of that meeting. Is that good?

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No, not always. So a library fuck maybe revisit their meeting room policy, lowrider talk to their city attorney, etc to figure out what to do should the need arise. On my choice of image with my post. A lowrider people reacted that same way. What they didn't do was click through to the guy's Facebook page and find out more about him. According to Facebook, he is the son of an immigrant, identifies as brown and queer, and is an activist at black lives matter events. So I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he's virgin video scandal a white guy.

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