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ImageLinks is a lightweight solution photos creation interactive images. With this plugin you are able to easily make an interactive image for your site prons empowers publishers and bloggers to create more engaging content live adding rich photos links to photos. Use aylar teen video plugin to create interactive news photography, infographics, and shoppable product catalogs in minutes!

It supports CSS3 animations for tooltips and multiple instances. The plugin can be deployed easily.

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It runs on all modern browsers and mobile devices. The plugin has a builder to create a config quickly and easily. Live builder is prons web-based designing app and it enables users to create an interactive image in a short period. This saves you so much in terms of time and resources.

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The following video tutorial will show you how to build a simple config using the builder and publish an interactive image on your site. This video is a quick overview of using the builder. Please use our contact form if you have any further questions. About ImageLinks is a lightweight solution for creation interactive images.

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