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Literotica toilet

We had been travelling for hours and I was bursting for a pee.

I Became My Girlfriend's Toilet - Fetish -

We knew there was literotica roadside loo coming up, so my husband pulled in to the lay-by and I jumped from the car, not waiting for him. I ran to toilet ladies.

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The door was locked and there was a notice telling me it was out of order. Oh fuck! I was absolutely busting, my thighs now squeezed so tightly together that I could hardly walk. I was on the verge of wetting myself. But my need was far greater than my disgust.

‘toilet seat’ stories

He pushed open the door to a cubicle and we went in. It stank literotica high heaven but I slipped my jeans down and squatted over the pan.

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It was far toilet dirty to sit on and Elephant cock tranny couldn't imagine what lurked in that grime.