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Linda lovela

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And at the center of Deep Throat was its tragic star, Linda Lovelace. She had an unhappy childhood, as her naked miranda keyes were either absent or abusive. They were also extremely religious and as a result, she received her education at strict Catholic schools.

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When Lovelace was in high school, her family moved to Florida, but she returned to New York to attend computer school at age While out by the pool, she caught linda eye of a bar owner named Chuck Traynor. The year-old Traynor approached year-old Lovelace, offering her a joint and a ride in his Jaguar.

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Linda personality was possessive and rough, opposite to her own demure demeanor. Lovela to Lovelace, Traynor said he would teach her more about sex and used hypnosis to expand her sexual knowledge.


Over the next few months she would undergo a transformation and soon was working as a prostitute with Traynor as her pimp. The couple habitually used meth and marijuana. People Lovelace lovela with in the industry said she loved sex and prostitution. But Lovelace claimed later on that this was false and that Traynor forced her into the occupation. Soon after, Lovelace and Traynor met a man named Gerard Damiano while attending a swingers party.