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His one true place is sucking up construction debris and litter. All of the sucking pods were lilo and scattered across the island of Kauai.

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An elderly vendor fashioned and sold the bracelet to Mrs. Edmondswhich she bought as a birthday present for her daughter, Mertleneither of them aware of what the lilo pod attached to it actually was. During Mertle's birthday party, Lilo and Stitch pulled a harmless prank on Mertle and the hula girls.

Lilo then noticed 's pod on Mertle's nude squatting desi and tried to take it from her, only to get in trouble with Mrs.


Edmonds and Nani. Later on, Stitch went undercover as a bunny at a pet shopwhere he inspected the pod number on Mertle's bracelet and radioed Lilo via walkie-talkie.

After Lilo looked up and learned about the latter's powers, she fell into despair, but got arrested for being in Officer Kahiko 's car though Stitch bailed her out. Despite Lilo and Stitch's best efforts to steal Mertle's bracelet, when she discovered that Lilo was desperate to stop 's pod from getting wet, she took the bracelet back to her house.

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There, out of curiosity, Mertle dropped the bracelet into a glass of water, getting the pod wet and activating After a while, the hole expanded beyond Mertle's room and started sucking up the entire town.

Mertle eventually telephoned Lilo to complain about the massive destruction that was causing. Fortunately, Lilo and Stitch with some of Jumba 's sucking were able to enter the black hole in Nani's dune buggy and throw an anti-antimatter sphere into the center of the hole, causing it to begin to collapse.