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Licking womens nipples

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Take nipple play for example — all you need is your body to start experimenting with this fun little technique in bed.

Plus, one recent study found that a growing percentage of women are interested in experimenting with nipple play.

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But more on that later. Nipple play is exactly what it womens like — a focus on the nipples during foreplay and sex.

Nipple Play: How to Pleasure a Girl by Focusing on Her Breasts

Well, the truth is, compared to other kinks, nipple play is relatively easy to bring into the bedroom. The best way to get started with nipple stimulation is to just go for it, using either your fingers or your mouth. Remember, nipples are filled with nerves sending signals to the brain at the slightest touch or high on sex. Beyond that, you can also experiment with different materials.

The light touch of a feather is much different from the warm, heavy touch of a tongue, for instance.

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You could even ask your partner to hold an ice cube to your nipples, then take it away and gently blow on the area. After you nipples with my nipples for a while… licking lick around them… and even bite them a bit….