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Librarian lesbian

A research and information geek. Librarians desire to make the whole world of information available to people at the time they need it. Frustrated by the lack of interest in anything more complex than Britney Spears' bust size, some librarians withdraw into an autistic fantasy where everything is perfectly organized.

Lesbian Librarian Is Too Hot To Resist!

Others catch unsuspecting researchers and librarian the contents of the British Library on them. Generally possessed of insane amounts of patience, as Garrison Kiellor pointed out. Librarian unknown. Code word for Lesbians when you want to talk about them but do not want them to know you are talking about them. Wow, there are a lot of librarians in this bar.

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I heard your sister is hanging with the librarians now. General term to describe a library worker. A librarian lesbian traditionally one who collects, catalogs and makes materials usually books available for library patrons.

Urban Dictionary: Librarian

Presently, due to the increased popularity of alternative "information sources" lesbian the Internetone can sense an inferiority complex within the profession as a whole. Because of these feelings of inadequacy, librarians are facing school sex student collective identity crisis, trying to redefine their place in light of the more sophisticated information world.

A modern definition that all librarian agree on has yet to be found. In reality however, the librarian is a breed dying at the hand's of technological Darwinism.