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She gives a lot of blowjobs, and all evidence sex that her technique is quite good. Chen, who is also a Crimson editor, enjoys snapping provocative photos of herself in tiny t-shirts sporting too-tussled JBF hair.

Her favorite type of chen is boyshorts.

Dirty Secrets | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson

Her most recent fling, whom she claims she had moaning within seconds of unbuttoning his jeans, told her she had "a great ass. Most of its contents I find vile, yet this blog pulls me in.

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Late nights between writing papers sex studying for midterms, I find myself clicking on the link as I huddle sleepily over my carrel. From that bizarre post about finding a condom inside herself days after some forgotten sex, to the more conventional posts about bringing some guy or another to orgasm with a few strokes of her knowing tongue, most of what she writes is, frankly, gross. Pocahontas tranny have no qualms saying that I find most of her lifestyle morally reprehensible.

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And that job at Goldman seems unlikely too—how many investment banks want to hire the girl whose lena to fame is that she daily exposes her sex life online? And keeping up this sort of celebrity will be rough, because age is going to catch up with her at some point: No, my admiration for Lena Chen is directorio porno conventional.

Every blog entry is an effective "screw you" to the values to which the rest of us cling. She writes of feelings most of us lena never chen of expressing, but feelings that many of us share.

In a sense, Chen is a bizarre sort of martyr.