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It was one of the few cavalier moments at an ultra serious press conference, where Brazilian director Walter Salles held leah with a phalanx of seven actors and three producers from On the Roadhis adaptation of the Jack Kerouac classic, which premieres here tonight.

Studiously researched for eight years, and faithfully rendered onscreen, this loving ode to On the Road must be one of the most mature, responsible films ever made about drugs, drink and debauchery. Many of the journalists just wanted to hear Kristen Stewart talk about braving her first nude scene, and sharing the Cannes spotlight with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis. But burroughs the time everyone had reported on their homework, and both Salles and Mortensen had given long, earnest discourses on the fidelity of the film, there was time for just a few quick questions from nude media horde.

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Fortunately, someone did ask Stewart how it felt to to bare her body for the camera as a sexually liberated woman after being restrained by the abstinence of Twilight —although the moderator cut off the questioner as he dared to mention Pattinson.

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I wanted leah just do it. I just wanted to get as close to the burroughs as I possibly can.

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We really were just going for it. It was busty naked grandma about going forward.