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Whats the opinion on laayla I'm sorry, but it takes ALOT of over proudness to say something like, I will do naked anyway, even though Allah ali me not to [he gave me my beuty, told me super stripper porn ali it for my mahram, but I don't care, who's he to tell me what to do] Think about what your saying.

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Eg The prophet said if a womens consent is negative when marrying a man the marriage is void. So doesn ti apply to us to?

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Yes you are allowed one look only to decide whether you are attracted to teh woman you want to marry. It is far too vague.

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And it seems that some here naked using it not you bro aale mohammad to promote this "Love before marriage" phenomenon. I think encouraging this is laayla an indirect way encouraging people to strech the boundaries of haram and halal looking for this "love".

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Bro pasdar, where did you get this hadith i mean what link, book etc?