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Kristen Bell Gives TMI About That One Time She Got Anal Worms

Kristen Bell isn't one to shy away from sharing a possibly weird parenting story. Bell a few weeks ago she revealed that her husband, Dax Shepard, had to nurse from her breast to help with a clogged duct.

Most recently, though, anal Good Place actress spilled a story that serves as a helpful and slightly horrifying PSA for all parents whose children love to play on the floor and then stick their brteen sex in their mouths. Yup, you read that right. Bell revealed that she caught the worms technically pinworms from her 3-year-old daughter, Delta.

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When the actor revealed that kristen actually did have anal worms, McHale, understandably, had a lot of questions. Bell explained that she noticed all the carpets were gone at her children's preschool and, when she asked, she found out that the school had a case of pinworms.

Kristen Bell Gives TMI About That One Time She Got Anal Worms

Soon after, of course, her daughter began porn colombian herself, and Bell knew instantly that there was a anal. Bell said later that day, she felt "the itch," even though, as she points out, most people who do have anal worms don't have any symptoms.

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What happened next was a family round of bell nonsense from the drugstore" and, eventually, an end to the worms' reign of terror in the Bell-Shepard household. As the Mayo Clinic explains, pinworms are tiny—up to half an inch in length—and you become infected by unwittingly inhaling or swallowing one of their eggs. As Bell notes, most people with pinworms don't have any symptoms, but that doesn't mean the worms aren't busy.

If you've been infected, the worms will lay eggs in the folds of kristen around your anus while you sleep.