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Knights sex

But the knights remarkable, and at the same time the most celebrated, affair in which these accusations of secret and obscene ceremonies were brought to bear, was that of the trial and dissolution of the order of the knights templars.

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Uganda porn sex charges against the knights templars were not heard of for the first time at the period of their dissolution, but for many years it had been whispered abroad that they had secret opinions and practices of an sex character.

At length the wealth of the order, which leena sexpic very great in France, excited the cupidity of King Philippe IV, and it was resolved to proceed against them, and despoil them of their possessions. The grounds for these knights were furnished by two templars, one a Gascon, the other an Italian, who were evidently men of bad character, and knights, having been imprisoned for some offence or offences, made a confession of the secret practices of their order, and upon these confessions certain articles of accusation were drawn up.

These appear to have.

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InJacques de Molay, the grand master of the order, was treacherously allured to Paris by the king, and there seized and thrown into prison.

Others, similarly committed to prison in all parts of the kingdom, were examined individually on the charges sex against them, and many confessed, while others obstinately denied the whole.

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Amongst these charges knights the following: That on the admission of a new member of the order, after having taken the oath of obedience, he was obliged to deny Christ, and to spit, and sometimes also to trample, upon the cross; 2. That they then received the kiss sex the templar, who officiated as receiver, on the mouth, and afterwards were obliged to kiss him in ano, on the navel, and sometimes on the generative member; 3.

That, in despite of the Saviour, they sometimes worshipped a cat, which appeared amongst them in their secret sex 4. That they practised unnatural vice together; 5.

Sex Knights

That they had idols in their different provinces; in the form of a head, having sometimes three faces, sometimes two, or only one, and sometimes a bare skull, which they called their saviour, and believed its influence to be exerted in making them rich, and in making flowers grow and the earth germinate; and 6.

That they always wore about their bodies a. The ceremonies attending the reception into the order were so universally acknowledged, and are described in terms which have so much the appearance of truthfulness, that we can hardly altogether disbelieve in them.